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Alternative Medicine

Alternative Therapies for Physical Disability

Provides information on alternative, complementary, energy-based, or innovative therapies for physical disability, including spinal cord injury (SCI) and dysfunction.
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Chios Energy Field Healing

Comprehensive online tutorial of advanced techniques in energy field (aura and chakra) healing.
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Health Bulletin

Offers alternative, complimentary, and preventive health news. Provides factual health information from leading scientists.
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Holistic Medicine

Documentation on holistic medicine, alternative medicine, nutrition. Links to related sites, USENET groups listings, and alternative medicine practitioner directories.
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Home Remedies For

The goal of Home Remedies For is to provide you great informative articles about home remedies, homeopathy, and natural cures.
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Houston Animal Acupuncture & Herbs

Offers traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture and herbal medicine.
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Online resource for videos, articles, and podcasts focused on natural health and alternative medicine.
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Natural Health and Longevity Resource Center

Information exchanges on natural health, complementary medicine, longevity, healing methods, and holistic health.
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Practical Mastery Energy Spiritual Healing & Enlightenment

Free spiritual healing and enlightenment sessions. Official website for the Practical Mastery Energy Spiritual Healing and Enlightenment Modality.
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Whole Health MD

Features information and resources regarding combining alternative medicine, supplements, vitamins, herbs, and nutrition with conventional medicine.
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